Our Gallery 
... was born from our passion for the arts. As art collectors and art lovers who lived around the world we had the pleasure to engage with many artists, enjoy their works and make new friends.
In 2011 while living in Hong Kong we created Island Colours Ltd. and we are delighted today to represent it in Stockholm. 

Since the day of its creation Island Colours serves as an open platform where contemporary art connections sparkle. It represents artists and galleries and connects them with art lovers and art buyers from around the world. 

While Europe is in the mist of a financial crisis our first inspiration and aspiration is to give an opportunity to artists from our home countries, Greece and Holland, to present their work in the international art scene. 

Who are we?
We are, one passionate Greek art enthusiast; and one Dutch art collector, living away from our home countries for over 20 years. Our idea was born from our love for arts and our desire to contribute, in anyway we can, so new artistic expression will continue to develop and evolve.

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